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Chase what gifts girls send, send these 4 kinds of suitable

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Whether they are pursuing girls or are already in the stage of getting along with girls, boys should express their hearts on various anniversaries and girls’ birthdays. Whenever this time comes, boys will be very confused, do not know what to send girls, afraid of sending the same Taobao, and afraid of girls saying that they are not sincere. Giving gifts to girls is a big problem for straight men for a thousand years, if you really can’t think of it, the following 8 things can be selected for you.

Send lipstick and skin care products

Boys don’t think that girls’ lipstick is enough, she doesn’t need these things, it’s a big mistake to think like this, every color number is fresh for girls, and it is also loved by girls. Skin care products are the same, no matter how many bottles and cans there are, the effect is not the same, and the girl’s makeup table is always missing a bottle of things.

Send bags

If the girl is angry, send a bag, absolutely cure all diseases, if you still do not forgive you, then add another one, the girl absolutely can not resist.

Send dolls and dolls

Dolls and dolls can completely satisfy the girlish heart of girls, and hold them in their arms when they sleep at night, just like holding the boy himself, and the boy sends this absolute value preservation.

Send jewelry

Every girl loves beauty and likes to decorate herself with beautiful jewelry, from necklace earrings to leather bands for tying her hair. Boys send girls jewelry, just to meet her requirements for appearance.