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The difference between sterling silver, silver-plated and 925 silver

What is silver?

Silver is a bright, highly polishable metal that has been used as a common currency, ornamentation and jewelry in many countries throughout history. On its own, pure silver is too soft for practical, everyday use, so other metals are added and mixed to make jewelry and decorative objects.

What is 925 sterling silver?

Sterling silver is a synthetic metal composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper or zinc). Sterling silver jewelry is usually stamped with 925 to mark its authenticity. One theory is that King Henry II referred to the durable coins in circulation made of silver alloys as “Oriental coins”, which later evolved into “sterling silver”.

925 Silver Uses

The most common use of 925 silver is to make fine jewelry such as earrings, rings, bracelets and charms. In addition to cosmetic uses, sterling silver has been used for many years to make fine tableware and utensils such as kettles, candy canes, knives, forks and spoons as well as tea and coffee sets and trays. Sterling silver gives such items an elegant and luxurious appearance and is also suitable for food use.

What is silver plating?

Silver plating, or silver plating, is the process of depositing a thin layer of silver on base metals such as copper and nickel. This process first appeared in the 1830s and is now widely used for a range of benefits due to its low cost and versatility. These include improved electrical conductivity, protection from corrosion, protection from radiation and, most importantly, decorative jewelry. Two types of silver are most commonly used for plating: silver plating and sterling silver.

Do you know about 925 silver jewelry?-VENUSACC

When you purchase 925 silver, try these 3 methods to determine if it is genuine:

  • Check the stamp: First check if the piece is stamped “925”, indicating that it is 92.5% pure silver. This could also be “.925” or “925 stars” or even “.925”, depending on when and where it was made. Fraudulent jewelry often tries to replicate this stamping convention, so it is necessary to try the other two methods as well.
  • Rubbing with a soft cloth: Next, try rubbing a light-colored soft cloth over the piece several times. Since 925 silver contains copper or other alloys, as the silver oxidizes, this can cause dark marks to appear on the cloth.
  • Magnet: Finally, to be more certain that your piece is authentic, test it with a magnet. Silver, gold and platinum are not magnetic, so if your jewelry sticks, it is most likely not authentic.
Do you know about 925 silver jewelry?-VENUSACC

How to wear silver jewelry in a premium way

Mixing and matching is the best option

We often see people on the internet and social media asking “Is it OK to wear silver and gold jewelry together?”, and I think it is without a doubt It’s no secret that it’s perfectly fine to wear more than two colors of jewelry together. Maybe you are still struggling with how to match your jewelry because of the occasion, match, season and age.

Venusacc has always been an advocate of respecting individual differences, including cultural and aesthetic differences. The world is a place where differences collide to create so much beauty.

Do you know about 925 silver jewelry?-VENUSACC

Choose the silver jewelry you want according to your skin color

The Venusacc team has many members from different countries, with different ideas and different skin tones, which makes it very convenient for us to design and manufacture silver jewelry. When a piece of jewelry is designed, we introduce each other and try it on each other, and everyone’s face shows satisfaction and a happy smile. Jewelry is our aspiration for a better life.

Do you know about 925 silver jewelry?-VENUSACC

Choose by design style

Each designer has a different style, vintage, fashionable, avant-garde, conservative, and conventional jewelry style. The most common vintage style in these years is also one of the fashion.

Many jewelry brands will offer seasonal limited styles. Add seasonal elements, pearls, zirconia, diamonds, tassels, etc.

Do you know about 925 silver jewelry?-VENUSACC