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Silver jewelry has always faced a big problem, that is, how to find heavy industry, quality assurance and cheap silver jewelry? There are many places in China that have jewelry factories and manufacturers. You can just find a super factory in Yiwu, Qingdao and Guangzhou. Many different styles of jewelry are available for you to choose from. But it’s hard to find original jewelry. With the huge jewelry market, there will always be copying. But at Venusacc, you can find any style you want. We have tens of thousands of products, great designers and manufacturing techniques. For jewelry is not only the love, but also the strength of more than ten years in the industry. The quality of our silver jewelry is evident to our customers. In the past ten years, it has touched nearly 50 countries around the world. Original, heavy-duty, different styles, from minimalist to French to vintage elements. Let everyone have more choices.

The delivery of our products to our customers is the beginning of your business. The fine design gives users a feeling of light luxury and a big brand. Many detail-oriented customers, too, are hard to pick out. We have loyal business partners and more users. Venusacc is designed to follow the trend of each product. We are hailed by our customers as a competent supplier.

Wholesale Jewelry Methods

As anyone who is in the jewelry business on a regular basis probably knows, many factories or manufacturers require a minimum order quantity, and the price may seem more affordable. Venusacc, however, offers a more flexible approach to wholesale. Whether you are a large merchant or a small to medium seller, we can meet your requirements. It allows you to better control your inventory and capital, and operate more flexibly and efficiently.

Quality is recognized

Venusacc’s service is also a major highlight. We don’t do one-time business with our customers and will serve every user with care. Because we have one-to-one customer service docking. Any difficulties we will be professional and patient communication.

Worldwide shipping

No matter where you are in the world, as long as you need silver jewelry, we can deliver the products quickly. This provides convenience for overseas customers to enjoy Venusacc’s quality silver jewelry as well.