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The Meaning Of A Necklace For Boys To Girls

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Some men give their girlfriends a necklace, the necklace is a must-have item in the girls’ jewelry box, no matter what it is, they will treasure it, so what does the man give the woman the necklace represent? What does it mean? For this question, I asked many friends, and their answers are basically the same, and there are the following answers.

1.The first man who sends you a necklace is to express that he likes you.

2. A man wants you to keep him in mind all the time.

3. Men mean to tie you up so that they don’t get snatched away by others. The last one is the most aesthetic explanation, that is, to go to the harmonic sound of the necklace – to fall in love, the meaning of men is to want to necklace with you.

4. The meaning of the necklace, the most direct idea is the necklace = “miss”, do not need flowery language modification, harmonic sounds are very applicable in the love book. The meaning of the necklace is to express your feelings about liking girls. Many boys will have a feeling of shyness when facing the girls they like, afraid of being rejected directly, and shy and afraid to speak. However, giving away a necklace can be a way to express love.

5. In addition to expressing thoughts and misses, the necklace also has the meaning of guardianship. Accepting the necklace I gave you means that you will always be with me and willing to walk with me. Therefore, in ancient times, sending a necklace represented the courage of holding the hand of the son and the old man. Therefore, the best occasion to send a necklace should be a period of hot love.