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Silver jewelry is becoming more and more popular among the younger generation, and when we open a report on silver jewelry market research and see the portrait of silver jewelry consumption by various types of people, we know that this is a huge market that has changed from the popular style of jewelry before COVID-19 to the fashion fad afterward is of utmost interest. Each generation plays the most important role in the jewelry market, and silver jewelry is becoming more and more attractive to young people. Even as the economy was devastated by the economic crisis of the 19th-century American silver consumers were still, shopping and giving to family, friends, and even themselves.

“There’s something about the embodiment of emotion found in the gift of jewelry that is driving a boom in sales since April 2020. It is thought that this upturn is likely to continue due to consumer demand” From the web research survey report. This trend is likely to continue to grow for silver jewelry as user demand for quality and meaning-filled gifts increases. The report also predicts significant sales increases for some retail jewelers, both online and offline stores.

What is silver-plated jewelry?-VENUSACC

What is silver plating?

Sterling silver and silver plating are metals that have been with people for a long time. What are the characteristics of each of these two metals and how did people discover that they could be processed into jewelry and developed into jewelry?

Silver plating refers to jewelry made by covering a base metal (such as copper or brass) with a very thin layer of pure silver. The thickness of the coating can vary from 1 micron to 10 microns. This base metal is more affordable than sterling silver or pure gold, which in turn can make silver jewelry more affordable. This method of coating the substrate with precious metal is also seen in gold plating. Both use different plating techniques to work on the metal.

Does silver-plated jewelry tarnish?

Regular jewelry wearers know that this happens when silver reacts with moisture and air causing it to oxidize. As dirt, oil and grime accumulate on the silver plating, the jewelry begins to dull or darken. To restore silver-plated jewelry to its original luster, the jewelry needs to be properly cleaned and maintained. So it is very important to wipe and clean the surface in time after wearing silver jewelry and jewelry.

Silver Plating VS Sterling Silver: 6 Key Differences

1. Base metal – Silver plating has base metal, while sterling silver does not.

2. Irritability – Silver plating vs. sterling silver can be significantly different for people with allergies. Because the plating usually contains nickel, it can irritate the skin more than sterling silver. Choose Hypoallergenic sterling silver, worn without irritation!

3. Color – There is usually a slight difference in color between silver plating and sterling silver. Plating usually has a lighter tone than sterling silver.

4. Durability – Because sterling silver is made of a metal alloy rather than a coating, it is usually more durable than plated silver.

5. Weight – Sterling silver parts tend to be lighter than silver-plated parts because the base metal can weigh down the plated parts.

6. Durability – Comparing silver plating with sterling silver, sterling silver is more durable because the silver plating coating will wear off due to improper care.

Venusacc silver jewelry practices environmentalism and truly contributes a little to the human environment, so we often use silver jewelry that is recycled and then reprocessed. The design is combined with the current trend, whether it is for daily commuting wear or parties, banquets, graduations even weddings, you can DIY any jewelry you want to wear because it is your creativity, which is great, we encourage the user’s aesthetic, which is the attitude of everyone’s life.

Can you wear silver and gold jewelry together?

Mixing and matching jewelry is a popular trend nowadays, and a popular way for many celebrities to wear their jewelry. instagram has many friends who like to share their jewelry and often teach people in their videos how to wear silver jewelry in an advanced way.

How to wear silver jewelry in a premium way? I think this is a major concern. People often choose silver jewelry based on their skin tone and the clothes they need to wear with it, which is classic. Mixing metals is the best way to experiment with your style and find new combinations that you like best. Or you can choose zirconia, gemstones gold to layer together.